Facebook users phone numbers are selling in telegram bot 2021: 20 dollars per number be aware

 The phone numbers of Facebook users are at risk, as according to the latest news from the verge, there is a bot on Telegram that sells them for $ 20.

Facebook users phone numbers are selling in telegram bot 2021: 20 dollars per number be aware

It seems that someone has obtained a database full of Facebook users' phone numbers and is offering them for sale on a bot on Telegram,

and the security researcher who explored this vulnerability alon gal says that the person who sells it has information for about 500 million users and the information stolen from an old vulnerability has been mentioned. It was corrected and closed in 2019.
Obtaining this data requires great technical skills to access useful and sensitive information, but Telegram Bot solves all these problems.
Where the bot allows you to do two things: if it knows a username on Facebook, it can know its phone number, or vice versa if you have a phone number of a Facebook user, it will give you a username directly,

and it is mentioned that obtaining these two features is not free, as it is for a fee of 20 dollars per number or You can get a collection for additional money, according to the Motherboard report.
It is noteworthy that the robot on the Telegram channel has been operating since at least January 12, 2021,
and that the data that can be accessed date back to 2019, and with that, of course, few of us have changed our phone number on Facebook,
this is an embarrassing thing for a large platform such as Facebook and it must act quickly to reduce The effects of these leaks that affect the privacy of users
So far, we do not have any information if the motherboard security researchers contacted Telegram to remove this bot to cut off all links to it and to limit the spread of Facebook user information

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