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best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

In this article, we offer you the best programs compatible with all systems from Windows and Mac. These programs will help you increase your production capacity to work from home and also to exploit them in self-entertainment due to the stone applied due to covid-19
best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

The list that we provide to you today offers distinctive programs that provide services of great interest, it is true that it is for payment of a monthly or annual fee, but it is worth every penny paid for it

Of course, these programs may be known or not. If you have applications and programs, we welcome your participation in the comments

Microsoft 365 apps for Business

Microsoft 365 for business

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

It is one of the most important desktop applications and the basics of every student or worker over the Internet, whether for personal interest or in companies.
It was previously known as Microsoft office and recently changed its name to Microsoft 365.
It is available on many important applications and services such as Outlook to receive and send emails.
Word and Excel, of course, does not have anyone who does not know them. At least we use them more than once a year,
whether for study or research and work, due to their ease of use and their various advantages that have facilitated many services and daily problems in work or study, such as writing, creating tables, etc.

PowerPoint is used a lot in conferences and forums to give basins and presentations because it provides more than several templates ready for editing and editing in various fields of science, sports, and a lot more.
All these applications are available on Windows and Mac OS in the Microsoft 365 business-standard subscription package,
which you can get by paying about $ 150 annually, and we also give you a terabyte cloud storage service and email dedicated to your business activities.



best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

Twitter is an important social network to follow the latest news and developments in the world by following the accounts of that, but when you follow up on many accounts and personalities,
then certainly reading them all becomes somewhat difficult because it flows quickly, which makes you unable to keep up with everything new on the platform.
That is why the tweeten program comes as a free program designed by the developer Mehdi Hassan, as it relies on the Tweetdeck feature that allows you to organize and add all accounts in lists in their own column to facilitate browsing and viewing them.
Tweetdeck has many features such as support for multiple accounts and scheduling options, pasting graphics directly from the tweet, you can also add it as an extension to Google Chrome.


OneNote for Windows 10

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

It is truly a program with magical features not only for saving your notes but with its many advantages for recording and tracking receipts, meeting notes, emails, travel documents,
and personal notes, and even special cooking recipes that are easy to record and save smoothly.
Also, you can capture any entire content anywhere, OneNote browser extension to save web pages and send them directly to your notebook,
connect to the OneNote printer to scan and print any important paper scrap in front of you or any document you need.
If you scan a picture or document that contains text writing, it will save you the trouble of writing it again, as it automatically copies the text from the scanned image to a text form and adds it to the notebook
You can get the OneNote app on Windows 10 or you can find it as an app in the Microsoft 365 package, also available on Mac and mobile devices, or as a free web app.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

adobe pdf reader

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

Of course, we all use reading free pdf files, but we spend a lot of time re-modifying and editing other formats,
while the adobe package provides powerful integrated features that save time and facilitate modification to several formats compatible with all programs, by paying a monthly subscription of only $ 15, it takes that to increase productivity and save time,
it also provides a permanent subscription copy of $ 499 to enjoy the full features.
Also, Adobe, when you take a step to cancel a subscription to the service, will give you several incentives to encourage you to stay, including reducing the amount of subscription to the service to save some money.

Quicken Home and Business

quicken software

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

We all need advice and services to manage our money quicken, a distinct program for Windows systems to manage money, manage spending and purchase budgets,
or track the amounts that you have invested, in order to determine and evaluate your financial goals and preserve your wealth.
Quicken provides tools not found in other money management applications, as it has a responsive and knowledgeable support team, and has a very large user base due to its importance.
Where the amount of 104 dollars a year as a subscription to the programs with exemption from taxes is worth that due to the quality of its services and distinguished services.

Microsoft Edge

windows 10 browser

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

The new browser from Microsoft, which was built on the open-source chromium standard, came to compete with the Google Chrome browser with its support for all its add-ons and extensions.
The clear difference in the new edge is that it has become faster and smoother and has a wonderful and attractive user interface, and it also does not consume more computer RAM and processor power.
Edge provides a very distinguished service in protecting users 'privacy, as it prevents several companies such as Facebook, Google, and even Microsoft from tracking their users' data or creating files about their movements and browsing through the Internet and exploiting them for advertising purposes
You can get the Edge Browser integrated with Windows 10 systems, or download it for MacBook Pro, or any device compatible with iOS systems.


password managers

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

A great program to protect passwords or help you generate and formulate strong passwords, I think when you install any system on your computer you should really add it as a plugin for web browsers
1password is easy to use and has a simple user interface, compatible with various Windows and Mac operating systems,
and also provides applications for Android and iOS devices. It also makes it easy for you to save passwords that you use to log in to many websites as it saves them and shows them to you without the hassle of rewriting them again.
1password is the most powerful password management program you can find at the present time,
it provides several subscriptions and special packages to enjoy the full powers of the service such as the family package for $ 5 Monthly, it allows you to share your data with your family to access various internet services


tab manager

best windows and mac software 2021: important list of app and services

A great program for organizing and controlling open web pages, it organizes them in so-called workspaces with the ability to synchronize with other devices and share them with the staff for immediate access to any document or page, available on various browsers such as Microsoft Edge, chrome, firefox, and all versions of safari
Now you will not be afraid that your work will be lost through a technical failure of one of the browsers because it has the feature that saves your work activities on all tabs, so when using the workona feature you do not need to think about losing your activities anymore
At the moment it is free, but if you want to upgrade to the Pro version, you have to pay $ 6 a month.

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