free ransomware decryption tool without paying any cents


free ransomware decryption tool without paying any cents

In recent years, a very dangerous virus has spread, which is the ransomware virus, as it encrypts files, closes them, and prevents access to them in any way,

 the virus has infected many large companies and institutions, and to decrypt and save files, the ransomware makers ask you to pay a sum of money that may be very large for decryption.

But of course, we must search and find ways to fight the ransomware threat, and recover encrypted files in safe and freeways.

ransomware decryptor tool

Today in this article we present to you a site that is a great treasure to eliminate ransomware and decrypt files without paying a cent.

The site is a joint venture between Kaspersky, McAfee, and several other companies, providing several software tools that work to decrypt files infected with the ransomware virus.

free ransomware decryption tool without paying any cents

You can see in the picture that the site provides very professional tools that deal with various types of ransomware

free ransomware decryption tool without paying any cents

Below this site you will find a link to the site that gives you several options and tools for the type of virus that infected your files, so you download them and start decrypting files.

what to do if you don't find the type of virus that encrypts your files

And in the event that you do not find the type of virus that encrypted your files, do not be afraid, we have also put for you at the bottom of the article a link to correspond with the site, as the site will ask you for a sample of a virus-infected file of no more than 1 megabyte in size to create a software tool that works on decrypting files if it is They can

free ransomware decryption tool without paying any cents


With this, you will have decrypted files and overcome the ransomware virus, and that without paying any amount, which may help hackers develop more sophisticated malware


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