Facebook says Instagram lite will be available in 170 country


Social networking sites seek to win more users, one of the most important factors that it focuses on to attract users is to design applications with a lite version, to give the user a unique experience that suits people who have a bad network connection or a phone with weak settings and processor

If we talked about the famous Facebook application, it is certainly a race to such initiatives, and indeed we find a copy of Lite from Facebook, and also its chat application contains a copy of Lite called Messenger Lite, and it is worth noting that Facebook, the official owner of the Instagram application, also had a copy of Instagram Lite, but the work was stopped Doing it at the beginning of 2020

But it seems that Facebook has changed its mind and revived the Instagram Lite application at the end of 2020, and not only that but also made the application work and support several new countries that did not exist in previous versions.

That is why Facebook announced that the light version of the Instagram Lite application has become available for use again with fewer features than the regular version, and its size is less than 2 megapixels, unlike the regular version

This is something that has met with approval among users, especially those who have phones with poor specifications or who live in remote areas where there is almost no Internet, the application will be available in 170 countries, even advanced countries such as Europe and America can use it

One of the features that you will definitely like is that advertisements will be absent in the Lite app, which means better browsing without disturbance, and unfortunately, currently the Instagram Lite version is only available on Android systems


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