5 best unknown android apps on the Google Play Store you will definitely love it

top 5 new and unknown apps on the Google Play Store: you will definitely love it

The Google Play Store has a lot of free, well-known, and not-known applications, as most Android phone users resort to its huge libraries full of amazing applications and sometimes very distinct,

but due to the huge amount of applications on the store, users are experiencing some difficulties in finding useful and unique applications, especially The new ones that carry ideas and provide assistance that facilitate our daily life,

and for this day we present to you the best 5 new and unknown Android applications that you will definitely like


The use of the phone in our daily life takes up a large amount of time, the time we waste cannot be counted,

which leads us to neglect our business and our daily activities such as doing sports or work, the forset application provides us with a unique service by helping us focus on our daily activities and work, and reduces our use Excessive and irrational for smartphones,
Forset works to motivate you to acquire new habits, such as planting a tree, and it enables you to win rewards if you maintain your focus,

and if you stick to this habit and then you have a forest on your own, he is keen to give you all the incentives and temptations to acquire a new habit that keeps you away from excessive use of technology
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This application creates high-quality wallpapers without the need to download them from the Internet and also gives you the advantage of creating wallpapers and changing them every hour, daily or weekly according to your desire

The wallpaper has a great resolution and creates it according to your phone screen to match it, provides several different styles in each new update,

and provides enemy features that will make you surprised every day with a wonderful and exciting background that makes you love your phone screen.


Are you bored at leisure or do you want to discuss something with several people, the wakie application allows you to find a suitable social networking platform for your ideas and topics that enables you to discuss them with a group of strangers like many social networks

It also gives you the ability to make free calls, it is useful to get rid of boredom or gain knowledge, learn new languages and make friends,

The application provides live broadcasts of many topics that you can access according to your interests and preferences,

it enables you to chat safely and prohibits all harmful content due to its algorithms, and many of the features that you will definitely love


A very smooth application that allows you to control your computer through your phone only via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as it allows you to transfer files, your phone screen, and play various games and media

Provides transferring the computer screen to the phone and vice versa, all you have to do is download a copy of the PC remote receiver on the computer and the phone through the official website here,


A unique browser, it provides the ability to open various links such as those that link us on Facebook Messenger directly without going to open the browser on another page

Supports direct opening of links on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more
As it runs and opens articles in the background, the reading mode in the app also saves you from annoying ads that are distracting, to save your time and contact data at the same time

The browser supports more than 15 languages, facilitates the process of publishing media through news communication sites,

fast in downloading links and articles, with the feature of saving articles to read them in case the Internet is interrupted, and many features that we do not find in the browsers of Android phones these days.


We have shared with you the 5 best new and unknown apps on the Google Play Store that provide amazing features and features.

If you have any opinions or criticisms, we welcome you to read them in the comments box below, and what is the best application among this group that you like?


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