Final Fantasy XIV on ps5 soon: check from the new pack Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV will soon be available for PlayStation 5 devices, as developer Square-Enix said on Friday that there will be an open beta version of the game on April 13th.
Final Fantasy XIV on ps5 soon: check from the new pack Endwalker

Where according to the trailer for the game on YouTube, the game will run in 4K resolution, and the company said that it will not stop and that it will strive to improve the tires further and make loading times faster,
and it is also mentioned that if you are registered in the latest versions of the game final fantasy XIV on Consol PS4, then the next version Of the game will be available for you free to play and without paying any additional costs during the trial period.

Endwalker Pack Game Final Fantasy XIV:

The new Endwalker package expands in the context of the game’s story as it will culminate in the narration of the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiac,
where there will be several new challenges and disasters greater than before than the warriors of light will face, and that during their journey to Hydaelyn and the moon, and this is not only the long story arc. It will reach the end of the story

Endwalker will pave the way for MMO fans to see and experience a new beginning and exciting adventures that new and old players alike are sure to enjoy.
It is also mentioned that in 2010 the first series of the final fantasy XIV game was launched, but it met with harsh criticism among the players,

which made its developer shut down the servers and servers of the game in 2012 and left the project, but at the beginning of 2013 another series of the game was launched called Final Fantasy XIV: a realm reborn

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