dating apps on the play store tracking your location: check if you use one of them

Expressvpn Digital Security Lab releases a report on the importance of SDKs used by dating apps in tracking websites
dating apps on the play store tracking your location: check if you use one of them

Privacy on the Internet has become a subject of widespread controversy among users, and dating applications are widely used to track users' activities and sites without your permission, so your data is the most important thing that trackers seek to obtain due to its great importance in knowing everything about you
Often information is collected a lot from mobile applications, which give detailed information about users and their behavior and the most important activities and interests that users are looking for, and also location sensors can locate you at any time and this information may fall into the wrong hands, this large amount of information threatens the security of users and their privacy All over the world

ExpressVPN Digital Security, in cooperation with esther onfroy of the defensive lab, analyzed and scans 450 applications including messaging, social media, shopping, and games applications used by most ordinary users.
And by using several manual analysis tools specialized in knowing if there is tracking in the application software, it collects information without your knowledge.

Where they manually downloaded applications and disassembled them into a human-readable language, searched for any code for the tracker, and compared them with web databases from application stores to make sure of that.
And they reached more than 1.7 May download for various applications by dating applications that have analyzed them. The enemy collects information about you and contains questionable trackers.

Of the 64 dating apps that have been downloaded at least 52 million times, they collect important information and that the tracking programs are from the source of many companies such as x-mode that Apple and Google recently banned, and other companies that take your information such as oneaudience and predicio, and a lot of companies that take over Ali your privacy and all your important data
From 450 analyzes of applications, 199 of which give information to an x-mode company, Google has so far scrambled to remove about 10 percent of all applications.
Dating applications will remain downloadable on the Google Play store until the end of January 2021, which are aimed at knowing your sexual orientation and what you love about dating, in addition to ethnic and national information.

list of dating apps tracking your location

Among these apps we mention jack's - gay chat and dating, FEM, chat and meet singles, encore- single parents and divorced dating and chat, black dating -meet online black single nearby, and Asian mingle -free Asian dating and singles chat, All of these applications mentioned have a large number of users

And also the dating app mingle2, which has 29 million members.

All these dating applications ask you for your location and all your important information to register and allow you to use it, and this is a great danger to most users around the world

Now the choice remains for you after knowing that it threatens your privacy and security, and the final decision is up to you if you will continue to use it.
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