the covid-19 vaccine management software from ServiceNow: effort for distribution, control, and more

the covid-19 vaccine management software from ServiceNow: effort for distribution, control, and more

Servicenow has launched one of its tools for managing and monitoring the covid-19 vaccine, as the tool is designed to facilitate rapid tracking of the scale and spread of any new ones.
Where the ServiceNow company provides customer service on its platforms to track the covid-19 vaccine,
it has also launched several applications that respond to the emergency situation related to the covid-19 virus and with the simultaneous return of the company’s employees to work launches an add-on safe workplace.
According to the latest news about Servicenow, it is striving to assist in the management, distribution, and control of the covid-19 vaccine,
the covid-19 virus vaccine requires procedures, restrictions, and security measures to store it inappropriate conditions, and also the process of transporting and distributing it requires efforts and precautionary measures from a very high level, it is not a vaccine Like other vaccines.
Among the applications that some companies have launched to manage the covid-19 vaccine other than ServiceNow,
we mention workday, salesforce, and many applications that have the advantages that they enable organizations and companies to return to work offices,
the ServiceNow vaccine management company manages more than 100 organizations in addition to the cooperation of the Ministry of Health Carolina Humanitarian Services and NHS Scotland for the management, monitoring, and distribution of the covid-19 vaccine.
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ServiceNow tool

Of the features and services related to the application of managing and monitoring vaccines on the ServiceNow store, we mention them:
  • Self-management and monitoring service for phones and mobile devices
  • Tracking and tracing the delivery and management of shipment for vaccine stocks
  • A special schedule for managing vaccines and supplies
  • Monitor absences and reactions in the workplace
  • Notifications and alerts in case of availability of vaccine covid-19

ServiceNow company also said it will add new applications and features for tracking and monitoring and management of vaccine covid-19 in the next few days.
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