Microsoft new way to deliver Windows 10 features: updates will come through the Microsoft store

Microsoft is recently working on a new way to deliver updates and features for Windows 10 through the Windows feature expérience pack.
Microsoft new way to deliver Windows 10 features: updates will come through the Microsoft store

Microsoft started experimenting with the windows feature expérience pack with the latest release and update for Windows 10 last May.
Microsoft has been secretly working on the feature expérience pack, but it appears to be a new way to deliver updates to operating systems running Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store instead of the old way of delivering updates.
It is reported that the latest release of the Windows feature expérience pack is version 120.2212.2020.0 that was included for Windows Insider.

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Microsoft Brandon Leblanc Director stated: We are experimenting with this new method of delivering updates with insiders to provide a great user experience for clients unlike the old way of windows feature updates.
He also said: We started with new features and advantages, but with the passage of time we are looking forward to expanding and creating updates for future releases.
The first Windows feature expérience pack comes with a new update for the snipping tool, text input panel, and shell suggestion user interface.
Although the previous version of 2020 provided updates and developments to the snipping expérience and touch keyboard
The update appears to offer more advanced screen snipping improvements.
With windows insiders exploring a problem while copying the screenshot directly following any file, it will remove it from the next update
According to Leblanc, we hope to restore this feature in the future after fixing problems.
We will receive updates via windows update the same as previous updates
Beta users can get the package ahead of time by going settings> update and security> windows update.
With the warning that the subscribers of the beta service must have windows 10 20h2 build 19042.662 or more advanced.

Leblanc says they plan to integrate windows feature expérience pack updates with the old monthly updates that were released on the second Tuesday of every month.
As Microsoft is testing the method for delivering new updates, it relieves the pressure on delivering updates that used to reach a large extent to users,
and it is unfortunate that Microsoft may not release Windows 10 21H1 in the spring, and may issue a comprehensive major update 21h2 to comply with the new Windows 10X system.
Microsoft is planning to completely change the user interface. We hope that it will be practical and beautiful and offer a new experience for users.
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